Revolutionary twin micro- turbine hermetic turbo-alternator and high efficiency regenerative IGBT drive


  • Turbo-alternator only 300mm diameter/600mm long
  • PM alternator on common shaft to the turbines-no coupling losses
  • High Temperature version 200kWe/45000rpm, low temp version 60kW/20000rpm
  • Two high speed radial turbines on a single shaft
  • Gas "foil" bearing technology- none contact for long life
  • Eliminates ancillary equipment associated with lubricated or magnetic bearing systems
  • Much wider temperature range than other bearing systems
  • Alternator is non-sychronously coupled to the grid allowing for wide turn-down necessary for varying waste heat sources 
  • Easily cascaded to increase the overall generation capacity
  • Working fluid cooled stator-no ancillary stator cooling equipment
  • High speed IGBT regenerative drive provides for complete control of the turbo-alternator 




The turbo-alternator is closely managed by the electronic drive. The drive "learning" the characteristics of the alternator.